May Day Tabling Event

Tabling event to promote the PRO Act & Medicare for All, raise awareness of Charlotte DSA, and engage with the local community, at Charlotte’s Cordelia Park, with AFL-CIO and NC Raise Up participating.

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May Day Rally: Pass the PRO Act, Win a Green New Deal!

The PRO (Protecting the Right to Organize) Act is a massive overhaul of US labor law, balancing the scales between workers and bosses by adding protections for workers organizing in the workplace and penalizing employers for union-busting tactics. The PRO Act has already passed in the House of Representatives –…

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May Day PRO Act Panel

The NW Ohio DSA is hosting a PRO Act panel discussion featuring local organizers and activists to celebrate May Day. We’ll be discussing the current state of the labor union locally as well as potential impacts of the PRO Act.

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WV DSA May Day Pro Act Rally

West Virginia DSA is doing a virtual May Day rally in support of the Pro Act ( Featuring historian Jack Seitz talking WV labor history, teacher Nicole McCormick on the struggles of her union and a representative from Bessemer on the issues they faced organizing at Amazon.

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May Day Live: Worker Power is the Answer

What’s the history of May Day and why is it important? How do unions make our lives better? What is the PRO Act and how will it impact us? Why is Black/Brown unity and cross-racial organizing more essential than ever? How are immigrant rights also worker rights? Join us for…

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