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Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks speaks with DSA Organizers Sydney Ghozarian and Thea Rionfrancos about the importance of the PRO Act.

Joe Manchin Co-sponsors the PRO Act.

“After discussions with West Virginia labor organizations, who represent thousands of West Virginia workers, I am proud to announce my co-sponsorship of the PRO Act. Nearly half of new unions fail to reach a contract within their first year because their employers won’t even come to the table. That is plain wrong. …”


Read full announcement on Joe Manchin’s website here.
Watch video announcement here

Angus King announces signing on to co-sponsoring the PRO Act

Just over a week after our week of phonebanking, Angus Kings announced his co-sponsorship of the PRO Act. Kings office noted the phone calls played a key role on his decision to flip.


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To Win a Green New Deal, Pass the Pro Act

The PRO Act would establish a baseline for ensuring that working people can fight for and win transformative climate policies that benefit everyone.


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This Is What the Beginning of a Climate-Labor Alliance Looks like


The PRO Act is emerging as the left’s answer to a classic political tension. 



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'A creature of white supremacy': AFL-CIO targets filibuster

Article discusses  AFL-CIO’s  of the denouncement of the Filibuster and what that means for the movement and the PRO Act.


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Why the PRO Act is Part of a Green New Deal


The PRO Act aligns with the Green New Deal, which aligns with a just transition for labor.”



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