About Us and the Campaign

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          The PRO Act Campaign is coordinated by DSA’s Green New Deal Campaign Committee (GNDCC) and Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC), and has been designated a national priority campaign by the National Political Committee (NPC). The GNDCC was established at the 2019 DSA Convention via unanimous endorsement of the DSA Ecosocialist GND Resolution.


           The GNDCC is tasked with developing and implementing an organizing strategy to win an ecosocialist Green New Deal (GND), and coordinating GND work within DSA. For more background, see here.  The DSLC was formed in fulfillment of a priority resolution adopted at the 2017 DSA National Convention. DSLC is a body of DSA members active in the labor movement, whether as union members and stewards, union staff, workers center activists, union officers, labor journalists, union retirees, students in labor solidarity groups, labor-oriented intellectuals, or in any other kind of role in the movement. For more information, click here to visit DSLC’s website.


           DSA is also building a strong coalition with other organizations and unions: